Present Changes

Hey Kids,

I’ve wondered how a building becomes abandoned. I see them all the time. Houses off of the highway, greyed wood, windows missing, sometimes a door, sometimes not. They were someone’s home once. A family lived there. And now no one does. What happened?contest2891_banner

I know that buildings don’t last forever, yet I can’t imagine my house ever not being there. Will it wear out? It has to. Everything does. But how? Will there be a time that I’ll just leave it? Seems too impossible to imagine, and yet any drive into the country shows evidence of its possibility. What about those pictures from the Detroit area?

I look at the hospital at the University of Utah. If you look at it today, it looks nothing like it did when I started there 20+ years ago. I watched the transformations, several of them, and yet find it hard to see the current configuration not ever being what it is today.

I guess it’s hard to expect the present status ever changing. It’s hard to remember the past even if you were there.

Things are going to change and sometimes drastically. It just happens. Don’t let your comfort and understanding of today think it won’t.


Day 115

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