Hey Kids,

On the way home, I skim along the edges and cut across the mouth of one of the seven canyons of the Salt Lake Valley, City Creek Canyon.

It’s a one way road for motorized vehicles. The other half of the road is reserved for walkers, joggers and pedal bikers. It’s a nice stretch of road to unwind from the day.

The other day and for no reason for which I can recall, I felt a smile form on my face. It just popped out of nowhere. The joy ride took over I guess. But it was a BIG smile.

Riding in the opposite direction, a lady pedaled her bicycle. Our eyes met and she erupted in a smile as wide as mine. I’m sure she wondered what had me so happy but I imagine the novelty of seeing someone so apparently happy forced the equal reaction from her.

I, of course, laughed next and had that thought in my head the rest of the way home and couldn’t help but smile and laugh.962d9fde452736de6fd1da532a301ba2

It made my day.

Maybe I just need to smile more. Smile more freely. Smile like a monkey with a new banana.

And maybe I just did.


Day 102

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