Write It Down

74A899AE-8838-4D79-824215903D4AE5DCHey Kids,

I’m not exactly a poet but sometimes I take a stab at it.

I’m not sophisticated or technical but still, I have my moments.

This morning while on the motorcycle, I had a moment.

I had to work out a few of the 4 lines but it all played out pretty nice in my head.

I, of course, did not write it down. That would mean to stop and do it right then on the side of the road.

Now, the moment is gone and I cannot for the life of me remember it.

I remember the subject and what I felt, but the words tumbled out of my head and off the bike somewhere between here and work.

If you see them, let me know. I really liked the poem and would love to hear it again.

And next time: I’ll stop and write it down.


Day 95

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