Birthday Week- Friday

Hey Kids,

It’s Friday on my Birthday Week and I’m listing some things I’m thankful for in my life; those things that make getting older, worth it.

Friday- Fishing.

Green River, Utah

Green River, Utah

I probably lost some people with this one but fishing has been such a part of my life that I can’t imagine my life without it.

Fishing is what brought me and my grandpa closer. We spent many hours on his boat and it is there I learn who he was. Many people have a different opinion of the man than I do, and they are most likely right in their own views. He had some problems. But he had a good heart and out on the boat I got to feel it.

Flyfishing as I mostly do now, is as much therapeutic as it is sporting. A book I read, Pavlov’s Trout, makes the case that within the practice of regular fishing trips, a balanced happy life can be achieved. The ironic part about this is that my Ex gave that book to me and she did not agree with the philosophy that I gleaned from it. The book also gave me my dying wish. After hooking a massive Steelhead, I hope my last words are “Get the Net.”

Looking forward, I know I will never be guide quality. It’s OK. There are so many fish I want to meet, I need another 70 years from now to get to only some of them. I’ll take what live gives me and call it good.

I hope it’s closer to 70 than it is to 7, however.

Day 81

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