Makes Sense to Me

Hey Kids,

Co-worker: “Did you ride your motorcycle in today?”

Me: “Did the sun rise?”

CW: “I don’t know it was raining.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure the sun still rose, but yes I rode in today.”

CW: “It’s raining now, are you going to ride home in it?”

Me: “As opposed to what?”

CW: You should’ve drove in today.”854333943380768_n

Me: “I did.”

CW: “I mean in your car.”

Me: “Ain’t got one.”

CW: “What do you do when it rains?”

Me: “Get wet.”

CW: “That’s horrible. Do you want a ride home?”

Me: “Do you?”

CW: “No! Why don’t you have a car?”

Me: “Don’t want one; besides, I have two bikes instead.”

CW: “But you get wet.”

Me: “At 240 pounds, I’m hoping it makes me shrink a little bit.”

Ride a Bike- Get Wet


Day 72

2 thoughts on “Makes Sense to Me

  1. Had a similar conversation with a lass in Gloucester NSW when it was peaking 37C (about 98F) She saw we were in full kit, you know ATGATT like.

    She observrd that we must be hot. We were. Then asked how we kept cool while riding.

    I told her the air conditioning kicked in at about 60 km/h (35mph)

    Oh she said.

    The pillion and I had a good chuckle about that one 😉

    • That’s a good one. I might steal it when the occassion presents itself. I used to tell people my truck was equipped with the environmentally friendly WD60 Air Conditioning system. Windows Down- 60 MPH.

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