Photos in Time

Hey Kids,


Arapaho Boys 1882

It’s funny. I look at this picture and I see little boys. I just assume they’re still little boys. When in reality, these kids grew up a long ago, got older, had kids of their own, and died. Their kids have done the same. And then again. Some of that third generation might still be alive today, but their great grandchildren would most likely be the same age of the boys pictured.

It’s easy to believe that pictures freezes time and to forget that time and life continues on. Time changes everything. I know this isn’t genius level thinking, but the subjects of pictures are always older than their picture.

Don’t hold on to the photographs of your life and think that’s how it will always be. Don’t believe that time doesn’t matter. Love the ones around you today, and every day. Tomorrow, they may not be there and/or they may want to be loved differently. Never believe the past or present is an assurance for the same in the future.

That being said, pictures are all some of us have for the future. And I suggest clinging to them like your last struggled breath of oxygen.


Day 64

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