For Me, A Big Dog

Hey Kids,

I’m not a shopper. Never have been. Never will be.

But today I wandered through a number of motorcycle shops looking at lots of bikes I cannot afford and had no intentions of buying.

This is not shopping. It was looking. It was dreaming.

I’m quite happy with my bikes. A 50cid bike for cruising to work and daily commuting and a 113cid bike for the wide open rode (Or when I want to bring in the thunder). But it doesn’t mean I’m done with adding motorcycles to my “collection”.

Dreaming is just that, dreaming. You don’t have to torture yourself, thinking that you have to achieve something as simple as acquiring things. But a rainy Saturday afternoon is easily worth the value of enjoying imagining yourself enjoying life just a little bit more.10405481_758488357597620_6943304890260374792_n

Dream on people. Dream Shiny and Loud.


Day 61


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