A Person First

Hey Kids,

Today marks the 105th anniversary of the death of Mark Twain. Mark Twain was/is my writer.

My favorite of his works are “Life on the Mississippi” and “Roughing It”. I can pick up either book at any time and reread just a few parts to spark my creative juices. His story-telling helps me find my inspiration, my voice, and re-kindle the joy of writing, if lost.Mark-Twain-Quotes-5

I’ve been asked how a meeting with Twain and I would go, do I think we would have anything to talk about. Honestly, I can’t imagine I would have anything to offer to him, but I’m sure that a few questions of the Big River or of Virginia City would conjure stories from Twain that he never had time to write. I believe I would buy drinks for as long as he would speak and he would speak for as long as I bought drinks.

I do not know if there is another writer that I could say the same about.

Except for maybe Hemmingway, but that would most likely end up in a fight, which he would probably win, but we would end up in a fly fishing discussion.

I guess my writers were not just writers. They were people I would want to hang out with and hear their stories first hand.

I hope that I am can be the same type of writer.



Day 57

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