Sporting Bikes Day

Hey Kids,

A little odd for a Sunday activity but today a local motorcycle shop had a re-grand opening event and I had to attend.11150319_843203779085992_5920618616640748375_n

There were at last count I heard 187 bikes that showed up for the 4 hours of activities, raffles and ride along. I stayed for the entire event. Well almost.

On most rides I have attended, cruisers make up the majority of the bikes. This day it was a Sport Bike day and the only thing numbering less than non-Sport bikes was Harley Davidson’s.

At the end of the 4 hour event, we prepared to head out for a parade of the town. Instructions given reminded us all of the hand signals and the one they stressed and seem to illicit the most reaction was the “Cop nearby” signal. We passed several on our trip through the Sunday-quiet little town and the signal was loud and proud.

We “lined” up for the start of the ride and despite the instructions to proceed in a staggered formation, the line up looked and sounded more like of a swarm of wasps.

The short parade was pure chaos. Bikes swarmed in and out of the lanes. Bikes slowed and raced back forward to fill the gap. Following distances were flaunted, traffic lights ignored and old men cursed us from the sidewalk. One old man actually made a gesture as if he was shooting us all down which actually drew more smiles than offences.

We met back up at the shop to regroup and head out on our target, open road ride. This is where my involvement ended. My brother and I chose our own ride and headed out before the rest of them left.

I’m not complaining. No, I firmly believe to each their own and when it comes to MC’s, everyone should do what they want to do. But the Sport Bike guys are crazy and I’m too old for that kind of crazy. I enjoyed the hell out of the day but when it comes to riding together, we’re a water and oil thing; two things great at what they are intended to do, but not really at the same time.

Sport Bike guys, I love ya. I love your machines. I love your passion. I love the pure joy you all have on two wheels, sometime one. But my CBR600 days are my past and my cruiser days are my today. I’ll just wave at you as you speed along and cheer you on your wicked curve handling. Just give me a nod as you buzz by and cheers to us all.FB_IMG_1428887469933-1

It’s ok to be different and it’s ok to play on different playgrounds every once in a while. Just don’t try to change those playgrounds because you’re not used to the way they play. There’s plenty of time to do it all.


Day 48

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