Selfie, No Selfie

Selfie1Hey Kids,

I don’t care for the term “selfie”; it’s too broad and vague in its use. I propose that there be a differential between a selfie and a self-portrait.

A selfie looks like this:mona-lisa-selfie

A selfie is self-serving. As in one is promoting them self. Lips pursed, puckered, or pressed in an odd manner to enlist, I imagine, thoughts of “I’m only looking this way so that if you think it’s stupid, that’s what I intended, but then again, if you find it hot and if you play it right, this sexy duck face could be yours.”

A self-portrait is like this:426659_392318984214561_93294153_n

It’s because there wasn’t anyone else around to take the picture. Or just fun to cram together and get the thing you want in the background in the background.

I like to take self-portraits of my baby and me doing things we love to do. It’s our chronicle, our proof. (If there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen.) We like to share our adventures and the pictures that people seem to like the most are the ones that we’re in.

The fact is that pictures are much more interesting when there are people in them. We focus on the people way more than mountains, rivers, and vistas. When you see a fellow human being in a picture, the question that usually follows is “Who’s that?” Rare is the question inquiring about the landscape. (BTW- It’s Bryce Canyon)

I hate that what we do is confused with the inane image of what people think when they say, “He took another selfie and posted it on Facebook.”

Trust me, it don’t look pretty when I pucker like a waterfowl.


Day 36

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