On a Whim

Hey kids,

We really weren’t  too sure what to do this evening. It neared 5:00 and it seemed a shame to give up on the day so early. There’s always movies to watch and books to read, but with such a warm beautiful first weekend of spring, we couldn’t let it die so unceremoniously.

“How far is it?”IMG_20150322_185821_183

“Google says 2 hours 15 minutes.”

“Should we?”

“We should.”

And so we did.

We took the drive to the Spiral Jetty, a rock, sculpture on the north shores of the Great Salt Lake, accessible only when the lake levels are low. IMG_20150322_185107_236

It wasn’t exactly what we imagined but exactly as described.

Road trips are always worth the effort. This quick trip was no different.


Day 27

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