Working for a Living

untitled (6)Hey Kids,

Some days, like today, I wonder what are we all doing?

Today was payroll day, meaning checking my staff’s punches and making sure they got them all in. Then make sure no one worked over 40 hours. And then make sure no one worked under 40 hours. Approve their approvals. Submit. Report that I submitted. Wait for someone to check my submission. Fix anything the checker found that was submitted improperly. And then say done.

Then we wait for the paycheck to be calculated and on the given day, deposited in our checking accounts. After taxes, of course.

We trade our hours for money. Our life for coin. To give to bill collectors. So really, we work for them by the hour. Self-inflicted, I know.

I’m really seeing it as a weird way to live.

I’m going to keep writing. And one day, when my writing reaches enough people who enjoy it and I can exchange my writing for the things I need. I will be done with working by the hour. And instead, live by my art.

Back to writing. Make the dream a reality.

Have a nice day.


Day 21

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