Not Even Close

Hey Kids,

I would be daft not to make mention that today is Pi day. As in 3.14, March Fourteenth. And this year being 2015, one could say 3.1415. Happy Pi Day. OK, now that I’ve said it and recognized it, let’s move on.

Last night I attended a book launch for Brandon Mull, the author of Fablehaven. He had invited four other authors and the fans showed up en masse. Hundreds of them. They filled the auditorium The line for book purchases was only eclipsed by the lines to have books signed. It was crazy.10981607_10153134981208633_141410618642498420_n

The treasures were books. The cheers were for authors. The excitement was for reading.

There are those who say books are dead. I say those people don’t know what books are.


Day 19


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