Speed Kills

Speed Kills

#21 Cliff Branch

Hey Kids,

Speed Kills.

So stated a banner that I remember hanging in the Oakland Coliseum as I watch football games with my dad back in the 70’s and early 80’s. I knew what it meant. Everyone knew what it meant. Number 21, Cliff Branch, was on the field and if you blinked, he’d be catching the ball behind you.

Cliff Branch was quieter than many of the other players on the team. But at any time, he could be heard. With lighting speed, he could go from in front of the defense to the back of the end zone. Let your guard down for a second and he’d be gone, with the ball, scoring 6 on you. He was always that deep threat; on any down, at any point of the game, and at any yard marker.

Speed Kills. That slogan and banner will forever be stuck in my mind. Possibly the plague of every Raider fan.

Today I listened to a presentation given to studying entrepreneurs. At the end of the talk, the professor of the class asked the people in the room to repeat the one biggest thing they took from their guest speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk (Jets fan). Before anyone said a word, the words “Speed Kills” echoed in my head.

One of “Gary V’s” points during his chat with these student included that moving forward, moving quickly, is what gives him the advantage. Businesses become slow as they grow, they become careful, cautious, and methodical. Exploit it and be the sleek, speedy predator that you can be (my words). That concept resonated with me. I alone control my pace. I’m in charge of my rate of work. It can be my advantage, should I decide to take advantage of it.

I understand that speed is not everything by itself; you do have to catch the ball. Likewise skill and quality also count. But anyone can attain those attributes if they’re slow and careful enough.

But Speed Kills.

It is time to pick it up.



Day 16

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