Staying Grounded

imagesHey Kids,

Today was the first real day with Daylight’s Savings time in play. It’s so shocking how long the afternoon and evening stretch that first day against a regular week day schedule.

I remember those days when I was a kid. They always got me into trouble. As kids, we learned to use the afternoon against the decreasing sunlight to judge when to get within range of our parents calling us home for dinner from the front porch. Every year, on that first Monday, my light sensors would be out of calibration against the new time settings, enough to leave me out just a little too long, miss the call for dinner, and wind up grounded for the rest of the week.

So today what did I do? Unlike years long gone, I was part of the dinner making process and therefore could not be called in late for it. So, as the other worker bees filed out of their work hives and the freeways filled with their cars buzzing home for their own dinner calls, we went mini-golfing late into the extended afternoon.

We had BLT’s when we got home and no grounding was necessary.


Day 14


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