Hey Kids!

It’s Thursday and I know that I set a schedule for posting but I no longer remember what that schedule is. So whether I’m supposed to be doing this for today or for tomorrow, I really don’t remember. Anyway what is scheduled but things that structure our lives? And who wants that??

It’s OK to be tough. I think it needs to be said. Maybe I’m old school. No. I am old school. I like tough. I respect tough. I expect tough. I despise non-tough.

There are a multiple ways to be tough. It isn’t just all muscle bound stuff either. Mental tough. Emotional tough. Head tough. It’s all good and when we get down to it, it’s really the only thing to be and be respected. No one likes weak. We tolerate weak on one aspect, so long as tough is displayed or available on another.

Be the hardest working person in the room. Be the first to working. Be the most dependable. Be the most honest. Be the first to offer help. Offer the most help. Be the most supportive. Be the most caring. If you notice, it IS a competition. Be the most, first, best, etc. And if not the first, best, strongest, fastest- be the most gracious.

Tough is not being passive. Tough is about being you and the best, the real best, that you can be.

Be tough, kids. Find your strength. You will never regret it.

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