Making Good Time

Ano-novoMaking good time has always been an obsession with me and my family. It’s an odd expression and goal. It really doesn’t make any sense, yet I still find myself trying to accomplish it with every drive.

Making good time of course is to arrive sooner than expected. However, if one did the math, one would also know exactly when one was expected. The magic is to always arrive sooner anyway. And the trick is to simply lower expectations and then speed.

I almost always still equate travel time to 60MPH. The accepted safe speed from back in the 55 MPH days, may they burn in hell. Anyone who thinks 55 MPH was a good speed limit, go drive from Salt Lake to Reno, as I have done so many times. And then drive back again. With a carload of kids. In the summer time. In the 1970’s.

Anyway, I figure a mile a minute. From there, I make good time or I make bad time. Regardless of the 75 MPH zones now. With gas stops and potty breaks, a good time can still be maintained if the trip is long enough. If my trip is less than 1 minute/mile. I am a happy man. I it exceeds it, I will do better the next time, no matter what it takes.

Does it matter? To me, it’s all that matters when on the road.

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