If You Want To Be Perfect…

Sleeping is great isn’t it?  I mean really,  is there anything more relaxing, non pressured, and more satisfying as going to sleep? That brief moment that consciousness is fading, nothing yet everything, makes sense and you feel yourself drifting off.  I believe at the point of going to sleep, life is perfect.  That is the only time.

True perfectionists just keep their place and things organized, try to do everything right, and go about their business.  It’s important for them to attempt to be perfect, but no one else needs to know because it wouldn’t help them in their quest.

Pseudo-perfectionists are those who just want a license to be rude, who want to try to pretend that their goal is perfection and that since they want everything perfect, you must also comply.   They then take liberty to inform you how many ways you are not perfect and how their lives would be better if you would just do it their way.  And if you politely tell them to “blow it out their hole”, perfection now is unattainable because of you and all the others who are not willing to comply.  How convenient.

I like jobs well done.  I like things that run smoothly.  I like order and discipline as well.  But I also know that perfection and one’s desire for it are an impossibility.  It doesn’t exist.

If you want to be perfect, go back to bed.

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