A New Year, Same Ol’ Me


This morning felt just like the last one and I didn’t take on any grand resolutions to begin on this “magical date.” but that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited about this new year.

I woke up early (confession- I fell asleep way before midnight last night), and after helping Annette get off to work (way bummer), I finished the second edit of a chapter of my work in progress, and hit the gym.

Now I know that there are many people who join the gym in January. But I joined in December. I know, Big Diff! But I joined because I needed to and a new gym opened and I took advantage of the cheap sign-up.

Anyway, I made an awesome Ham and Cheese Omelet and am now settling down for another writing session. If I could make a resolution to copy this day everyday, I would. But I digress.

A new year does not a new me make. I have to be realistic. My goals have to have meaning. They have to be consistent with what I have done, who I am, and what’s realistic.

So for the record, here are some of my goals for this next year, or so:

Finish the second Porter Rockwell Novel “Cursing Black’s Gold”. Release in Kindle and Print this spring.
Finish 2014 Christmas story (working title “The Biggest Little Christmas in the World”) to be released by November 1 in Kindle and Print.
Begin Third Porter Rockwell Novel (working title “The Devil’s Due”).
Evaluate editing of “Inmachuk Confabulations”, determine if it is right for publishing.
Maintain my work out schedule to be ready and able to climb Mt. Nebo this late summer.
Plan one major motorcycle tour this summer.
Fish a lot.

I have some wishes concerning being able to see my kids, and some personal relationship needs; but those are not really right for this forum. And they dependent on others. I’ll stick to those things in my control.

Wow. What a boring post. I’ll avoid such nonsense in the future. But of that, I can’t be resolute either.

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