Adult Wisdom?

I can be juvenile too. You know, to show how adults should be. You know, how to be how you should, not like you are or how I’m being to show how you are. How else will you learn how to be, or not to be? Exactly, just do the opposite of what you and I are both dong. Then you’ll be like me.

That apparently is my logic in deciding to not wash the kid’s dishes that he leaves in place of watching TV and doing, um, nothing. I wash all the other dishes but leave his. You know so he sees them, feels guilty and thinks, “Hey, maybe I should wash my dishes instead of leaving them on the coffee table or sitting in the sink.”

That’s what I’ve been doing. Is it working? Not really. My sink, the one I would prefer to be void of dirty dishes at all times, now has permanent residents called “his dishes”.

Do I pitch a fit? Just wash the dishes? Continue to boycott the washing of all “lazy dishes”? I’m torn between making a point and making an ass of myself. I’m pretty sure I know which way I’m headed but I can’t get myself to just resign myself as the dish bitch.

To be continued.

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