Need Not Be Commanded in All Things

“Do not approach the Bison”

I read this several times during a day trip to Antelope Island. Located in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, away from the civilization of the Wasatch front, the island is teaming with wild life. You know, the animals that don’t eat from a provided food dish and water bowl. Deer, antelope, rabbits, coyotes, Mountain sheep, and buffalo all roam free. Throw in a few badgers and bobcats and it’s a Western Style Safari.
The massive buffalo roam free and are seen grazing in nearly every open grassland field, which is the most of the island. Some were close and some were far away. I have even been stopped by them as they crossed the road and really don’t care because, well they are big and they are wild. They need us for nothing and they, well, like I said, they’re big.
I have never, ever thought of petting one. It surprised me that warnings would have to be issued. I mean, really.

I figure if you get to the point in your life where you travel on your own, or even with others, and haven’t figured out that life is not a petting zoo, that bad things can happen when humans leave the comforts of their houses and cars and mingle with wild animals, or that it’s no one’s job is to make sure you’re not too stupid for yourself; maybe a good buffalo sized lesson might be in order.
Just saying.

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